SEE Challenge: What Personalized Learning Means to Me

What Is Notebook’S Role In Personalized Learning?

Smart Notebook allows me to create lessons that my students can access anytime, anywhere.  I use Smart Notebook and the Smart recorder to create video lessons for my flipped classroom.  Students can access these lessons at any time and watch them as many times as they need or want to.  We also have Smart Notebook on our student laptops.  This allow students to use different Notebook lessons at the same time.  

How Do You Personalize Learning With Multiple Types Of Technology Including The Iwb With Tablets, Etc.?

I have recently implemented a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy with my sixth graders.  I also have access to a laptop cart for my students.  Students use their own devices or the laptops to access Smart Notebook lessons, Smart Response VE questions, and video tutorials that I create using the Smart Recorder.  Students access lessons that I create or spend time creating their own Smart Notebook lessons.  I use our classroom Smartboard for whole and small group lessons.  Students also use the Smartboard to help each other understand concepts.

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