Using Google in a Math Classroom

Google is a great educational tool that can be used in so many different ways to promote collaboration among students and teachers.  My district has a Google Apps for Education account, so every teacher and student has their own Google account through the school district.  The ideas listed below are ways that Google can be used in a math classroom.

1)  Google Presentation – Students can use this tool to create their own presentations or collaborate with classmates.  Whether it is used for displaying data and/or findings from an activity or a way to create and present word problems on any topic, Google Presentations is a great way to get your students collaborating in and out of the classroom.  It can be used to deepen understanding of vocabulary to create online flash cards or teachers can use Google Presentations to display their lessons and have them available to students outside of class or for absent students.  You can even have students create their own lessons to share with the class.

2)  Google Docs – Students can use this online tool for note-taking.  They can collaborate and add information to other classmates.  It also gives the teacher the opportunity to check on their notes and clear up any misconceptions outside of the class period.  You can also use it for math journals.  Teachers can give students a problem to solve and students can turn it in to the teacher electronically, which keeps the students from losing papers and not having them to look back at earlier work.  Students can also create quizzes for each other.

3)  Google Forms – Teachers can use Google forms in many ways.  I have used it to collect answers to a test or quiz.  It can also be used for surveys and data collection.  You can have students log in their online practice time and scores from websites like Khan Academy or MangaHigh.  I like that I can embed a form directly onto my school website for easy access for my students.

4)  Google Spreadsheets – Students can collect and analyze data collaboratively with Google Spreadsheets.  One example is a Coin Toss activity where students collect data, find probability and create a graph.  You can also use Google Spreadsheets to create an assignment tracker, project planner or a math quiz.

5)  Google Earth – Check out  This site has great resources for using Google Earth in a math classroom.  If you’ve never used Google Earth, Real World has a large collection of tutorial videos that you can view on the website or inside of Google Earth.

Please comment and add new ways you or someone you know uses Google in their math classroom.

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