Tips for Classroom Technology Integration

Technology Integration Tips

1. Evaluate your available technology. Do you need to implement the technology in a
whole group setting or do you have a 1:1 ratio?
2. Find a technology tool that matches your objective. What is the verb of the
objective your teaching?
3. Start small. Use a technology tool as a warm up or exit ticket.
4. Have high expectations. Talk to your students about your expectations and give
specific directions on how to use them.
5. If it doesn’t work the first time….Keep Trying! Learn what doesn’t work then fix
it. The more you try, the more you (and your students) learn.
6. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to talk with other teachers and your students to
find out what is working and ideas for making it better.
7. Make yourself a PLN (Professional Learning Network). Share with colleagues and
use social networks like Twitter.
8. Make sure that the lesson is about the content, not the technology. Technology
tools should help students understand the content. The lesson should not become
about the technology itself but how it helps students learn the content.
9. Let the technology work for you. Use it to organize your lessons, collect data,
save you time, etc.
10. SHARE! You do great things. Share it with others who are just starting out and
those that are masters at technology integration. Both can give you a new

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