EDIM 508 (u01a1) Introductory Blog: 728 Challenge

1.  Who are you and what do you do?  I am Michelle Phillips: 6th grade science teacher, SMART Exemplary Educator and Certified Trainer, wife and mother of 2 from TX.

2.  What is your primary goal for taking this course?  To learn the best ways to incorporate digital media into my classroom

3.  What is your philosophy of education?  Every student learns different, differentiation is the key!

4.  What do you see as the greatest benefit of using technology and/or digital media in the classroom?  Engagement, Critical Thinking, Creating life long learners, FUN!

5.  What is your biggest concern or challenge with using technology and/or digital media in the classroom? Student online behavior and lack of safety

6.  Provide an example of how you currently use technology and/or digital media in the classroom.  I am flipping my classroom and students create videos & activities using SMART products.

7.  How does your classroom today differ from when you were the same age as your students?  Everything is accessible now, information is at the student’s fingertips

One thought on “EDIM 508 (u01a1) Introductory Blog: 728 Challenge

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  1. Hello, Michelle! Welcome to EDIM 508. I enjoyed reading your post. I think it’s great that you have implemented the “Flipped” classroom approach- especially with student created videos. 🙂

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