Student Opinions on Creativity and Technology in the Classroom (EDIM 508 u05a1)

I asked my sixth grade students what their definition of creativity was and if they thought it was an important part of a classroom environment.  They described creativity as the ability to imagine new things, to be unique in your thinking, and to find ways to make the world a better place.  My students prefer classes that use technology more often.  I asked them to explain why they felt this way.  One student told me that technology doesn’t limit their thinking.  There are so many ways to do accomplish the task and technology gives them more ways to go about a specific task.  Another student told me that using technology in the classroom gives them so many more tools to be creative.  An example they gave was SMART Notebook.  The tools within the program gave them more options and ideas which made it easier to be creative.

My school district has K-6 at the elementary schools and this was our last day of school so the kids really thought about their classrooms next year when they get to middle school.  I asked them to reflect upon their experiences so far and how they would like their classes next year to incorporate technology.  The students want more independence and choice when it comes to showing their mastery of a concept.  They feel that when they get a chance to explore the content without specific directions,  they learn more.  I also asked them how they would feel if they had a teacher that did not use any technology.  I received 25 stares of disbelief.  One student commented, “Why WOULDN’T  they use technology?”

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