Glogster and the Creative Mind (EDIM 508 u05a2)

Glogster is a great Web 2.0 tool for the classroom.  I created a Heat Transfer poster for my first glog.  I think starting with a blank page is a great way to inspire creativity but also would be daunting for some students.  Glogster is user friendly and I think my students would get the hang of it quickly.  Glogster could also work for the various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Students can create a glog that identifies a concept but could also change the structure of a glog to analyze a concept.

The topic of my glog is Heat Transfer.  It can be used with the following state standards:  TEK 6.9A Investigate methods of thermal energy transfer including conduction, convection and radiation TEK 6.9B Verify through investigations that thermal energy moves in a predictable pattern from warmer to cooler until all the substances attain the same temperature such as an ice cube melting. Both objectives are at the analyze level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  The text information and YouTube videos are mostly at a lower level of Bloom’s but the hyperlinks to other websites and Discovery Education assessment add the higher level thinking skills.

Gardner says, “Sluices of creativity can be maintained by exhibiting different, equally viable solutions to a single posed problem” (2007, p. 86). I could simply provide my students will a prompt such as “Show your understanding of the types of heat transfer.  Make sure to include examples and explanations”.  Using this prompt with Glogster would provide many different outcomes which fosters creativity in our students.  It also helps them evaluate the importance of the different types of media.  Our students need to understand that media can help explain and clarify a concept but media can also distract learners.

When I have a short amount of time but want everyone to share their learning, I could use the laptops or computer in the lab to show everyone’s glogs at once.  Students could rotate and spend a few minutes looking at each glog.  Students can then share what they liked about their classmates’ glogs and what they learned by seeing the different presentations.  Glogster can be used in so many different ways in the classroom and I’m looking forward to using it with my classes next year.

Heat Transfer Glog –

Gardner, H. (2007) Five minds for the future. Harvard Business Press Boston Massachusetts

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