The Ever Changing Inquiry Based Classroom (EDIM 513 u03a1)

This week’s videos and examples of inquiry learning brought up the question, “Can you have different levels of inquiry throughout the same learning experience?”  It made me think of the differentiation that goes on in my classroom on a daily basis.  As I plan out my lessons each week I know that classroom discussion or activities may change depending upon student needs.  I think that the type or level of inquiry can change during the learning experience.  A lesson may start as a completely student-directed activity but if we see the students are struggling it may become a student-teacher shared activity.  In the same way, a lesson could start out as a teacher-directed activity but could quickly change into a student-teacher shared activity if the students have prior knowledge on the concept and are engaged in questioning and discussion.  Inquiry has been described as a fluid process that does not look the same in every situation or classroom.  I now believe that this also means it can be fluid within a single lesson.  If the student is the center of an inquiry based classroom then teachers must constantly observe their needs throughout a lesson and adjust appropriately.

One thought on “The Ever Changing Inquiry Based Classroom (EDIM 513 u03a1)

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  1. You make a good point about how inquiry can be effective within a class period or two. I think there are different levels and it does not always need to take a ton of time.

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