Technology in the Inquiry Based Classroom (EDIM 513 u05a1)

This week I spent a lot of time thinking about how to integrate different technology into an inquiry based classroom.  If used correctly, Web 2.0 tools can enhance and increase the amount of inquiry taking place in a classroom.  The teacher must put careful thought into the learning outcome and which tool would help accomplish this goal.  Students enjoy using the technology to showcase their learning and often put more thought into a project that they created than a teacher led activity.

Technology can also distract from the lesson objective if you are not careful.  The technology tool must not be the entire focus of the lesson but should be used to enhance or explain the content of the lesson.  The technology is most effective when it is utilized by the students to explain their own learning.  New technology is emerging every day and learning how to use these tools through content exploration gives our students valuable skills for their futures.

One thought on “Technology in the Inquiry Based Classroom (EDIM 513 u05a1)

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  1. You make a good point regarding the use of technology. Often, I get excited about new technologies and want to try out everything. It’s important to keep our goals in focus.

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