Integrating Social Networking Lesson Plan

7th Grade Science Lesson: Catastrophic Events

TEK 7.8 A: Predict and describe how different types of catastrophic events impact ecosystems such as floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

Engage: Students will discuss their previous knowledge of catastrophic events and personal experience with them.

Explore: Students will post questions about different catastrophic events on a backchannel as they listen to other students discuss their prior knowledge and experience with catastrophic events.

Explain: Students will then look over all the questions on the backchannel and pick a specific question(s) or catastrophic event to research.  Students will base their research on the interests and questions of their peers.  (The teacher can post additional questions to extend student learning.)

Elaborate: Students will share their research so that they can build upon their classmate’s findings.  The teacher will post chart paper or a specific area of the room for each catastrophic event.  Students will write their findings on post its or directly on the chart paper.  Students will then get into groups based on their catastrophic event and combine their research and post on the backchannel.

Evaluate: Students will read through all posts on the backchannel to create a reflection on catastrophic events.  Students will connect their catastrophic event research to other groups hitting key points such as which ecosystems would be most impacted by the different types of catastrophic events.


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  1. Ok — so you really already do a TON of social integration and technology — from your pictures I can tell your students have hands on technology everyday! That is so cool. I really enjoyed your projects that you posted that the students did — very creative and well done — you can tell they know the material well. I think your use of Todays Meet will work well in the lesson you are discussing here. The students will be able to discuss and learn from the knowledge of their peers by using this interface. Great job on both assignments this week!

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