Photo Challenge Reflection

This week I participated in a 7 day photo challenge.  I decided to post pictures from my classroom.  Each day I posted a picture of something I was doing with my 7th grade Science students.  I really enjoyed this activity and my students loved me taking pictures of what we were doing (even though their faces were not in the pictures).  I don’t know that I will remember to do this everyday but I plan to continue this challenge.  This would be a great idea to implement with my students.  Students could take turns taking pictures of classroom activities for me to post on the school website.  Parents would get a great look into what we do everyday and students could write a short reflection of the activity.  I don’t know that I will start this up now but definitely plan for it to become part of our classroom next year.

I have also started brainstorming ways to use student devices with images for our lessons.  We are getting ready to start a unit on Digestion.  As we study organic compounds and larger molecules breaking down into specific smaller molecules, students could take pictures of something they eat then describe the process of digestion and identify the chemical changes that take place.  Students could also identity if they are eating carbohydrates, proteins, etc.  This would create a real-world connection for them to the content we are discussing in class.  This assignment helped me see the valuable use of images in the classroom and I really enjoyed it!

Click here for all 7 photos!

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