Broadcast Yourself: Webinar Hosting Reflection

I have previous webinar experience as an attendee and as a presenter but I have never hosted one myself until this week.  The hardest part of setting up the webinar for me was deciding which website to use.  After navigating quite a few sites I finally decided on Web Ex.  I have recent experience as an attendee so it was the most familiar to me.

I started quite a few private meetings to learn how to share my desktop and connect the audio.  I also started a meeting with my husband from a different location so that we could discuss what the attendees would see compared to what I would see.  I chose the topic of Paperless Assessments for my webinar.  I have been trying new ways to assess my students using technology and thought that it would be a good topic to share. I posted my webinar information on Twitter and Facebook as well as emailed the teachers on my campus and in my masters class.

The webinar day and time were not ideal (Saturday at 10:30 am CST) but I needed to work around my children’s athletic events.  The webinar itself went well and I had no issues.  The Web Ex platform was easy to use and navigate.  I presented my session, making sure to include examples of classroom work, and answered questions throughout.  I did not have any technical difficulties and one of the attendees asked me if I had hosted a webinar before because it went so well.  I have presented staff development sessions virtually and in person in the past which helped me be confident in my delivery.

I enjoyed the experience and found it very useful.  This would be a great PD tool to utilize on my campus for busy teachers.  I also plan on scheduling review sessions for my students before Unit Tests.  I will communicate with parents what we are doing and encourage them to be part of the process to help support their child at home.  I’m looking forward to hosting my next online meeting!

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  1. Great write up! I think it is great that you had a great first experience and that you found software that worked good for you — and goof for you to work out the kinks ahead of time. I also really like to hear (or read) that you are thinking of ways to use this in your classroom and with your colleagues. I like the idea of a after-hours to review for tests. Great job!

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