The Flipped Classroom: Road to Success

Flipped Classroom Curated Magazine

Strategies for Handling Emerging Technologies

1. Do your research. Find out as much as you can about the technology.
2. Try it out. Use the technology and practice with it before using it with your students.
3. Make sure the technology doesn’t distract students from the objective of the lesson.
4. Don’t give up. Use the technology several times before deciding if it is a good fit for your class.
5. Communicate with parents and students about the technology and why you chose to use it.


Chase, Cheryl. CK-12 Foundation Blog (March 31, 2014) “What ‘They’ Forgot to Tell You When Flipping the Classroom.” This article gives one teacher’s experience with the flipped classroom, from curation to assessment.

Honeycutt, Barbi. (July 31, 2013) “10 Formative Assessment Strategies for Flipped Learning Environments.” This article gives 10 assessment strategies for the flipped classroom.

Honeycutt, Barbi. (July 1, 2013) “5 Ways to Address Student Resistance in the Flipped Classroom.”  This is a great article on how to deal with students and their feelings about change when using the flipped model in your classroom.

Lorenzetti, Jennifer. (Oct. 4, 2013) “How to Create Assessments for the Flipped Classroom.”  This article gives examples of formative and summative assessment in the flipped classroom.

TeachThought Staff. (Feb. 14, 2014) “10 Common Misconceptions About The Flipped Classroom.”   This post clears up the most common misconceptions about the flipped classroom. It does a great job of explaining why others resist this method.


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