Back to School Reflection: From Teacher to ITS

Well, it’s week 3 and I’m just now getting to my first week blog reflection.  This year I am transitioning out of the classroom into a full time Instructional Technology Specialist and my first goal was to blog at least once a week…that’s not going so well.  I am learning that I am just as busy as ITS as I was as a classroom teacher, it’s just a different kind of busy.  As a teacher, I had my lists and I crossed things off as I finished them.  As an ITS, I’m quickly realizing that is not how it works for me anymore.  I start everyday with a list of things I need to get done, but depending on teacher needs, some or none of the things on that list might get done.  I’m also realizing that I can rush around all day and be incredibly busy but can’t pinpoint what I did that day.  I’ve also moved into my own office, if you can call a tiny room that holds the PTO closet in between two classroom my own.  I actually have to go through a classroom to get in or out of my office.   This is definitely a world that my organized self needs to adjust to.

And despite the craziness listed in the paragraph above, I LOVE my new role.  My first two weeks were busy with showing teachers how to set up their website as my district transitions to Schoolwires, collecting BYOD forms and helping teachers use their district Google Drive accounts and classroom Chromebooks for the first time.  I was also able to sneak in some actual instructional technology time as I created a QR code poster for the organelles of an animal cell for my 7th grade Science team.  

My next goal is to finally finish the Google tutorial videos I started and get them on my website as well as helping Eventzee roll out their EDU version.  I’m also looking forward to attending team meetings in the coming weeks and finding ways to help teachers in the classroom.  It’s going to be a GREAT year!

Here is a copy of my first Tech Newsletter for the RMS staff…Thanks to @sylviaduckworth @alicekeeler @ShakeUpLearning for posting some great resources on Twitter for me to share with them!

EiA Issue 1

EiA Issue 1

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