Eventzee EDU – Ready…Set…GO!

After using Eventzee at our #ProsperTrendingNow Technology day last June, Prosper ISD teachers have been anxiously awaiting the EDU version to use with students.  The guys at Eventzee have been working tirelessly to get it up and running and Prosper ISD teachers are extremely grateful to them!  We are excited to be their “test” group as we help them work out any kinks and provide feedback on how it is working in classrooms.

We’ve had some great hunts in the past couple of weeks including an event introducing the 8th grade band members to the high school band, a middle school Intro to Yearbook class practicing their photo taking skills and a high school Fasion Design class showing off  their fashion knowledge on a field trip to North Park Mall.  Upcoming events include a middle school ELAR event on Edgar Allen Poe and composition techniques for our Yearbook students.

Students have loved the engaging hunts that let them show their learning.  Teachers are enjoying the instant feedback it provides students.  Wende Holland (@wende_wende), our Middle School Intro to Yearbook teacher, liked that she could reject the photos students were submitting and it made them really analyze what they were doing and how to do it better.  She also liked that, “I can see the common errors my students are making, which shows me what I need to go back and reteach.”

It was also recognized that when a photo was submitted, acccommodations could be taken into consideration and applied instantly for students with IEP and 504 plans.  One student’s best effort may not be the same as another’s and the teacher can assign point values accordingly.

After the hunt – The learning doesn’t have to end when the hunt does!  You can “debrief” with your students after the event to reinforce the concepts covered throughout the hunt.  Some ideas include showing a photo that was rejected next to a photo that was approved.  Don’t tell students which photo was accepted or rejected and have them brainstorm reasons for both.  You could even use a photo from the hunt as a formative assessment to gauge individual learning.  The photo could be displayed and you could ask them for specific proof of a concept or ask them if it was accepted or rejected and why.  Make sure to use pictures from a different class period so it’s not easier for the person that took the picture.

For more information on how you can try Eventzee EDU go to the Contact us section https://www.eventzeeapp.com/


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