Peer Feedback with Google Classroom

Untitled image (3)Ashley Lay, a 7th grade ELAR teacher in Prosper ISD, is doing great things with Google Classroom. Most recently she used it as a method for students to provide feedback to each other as they analyze each other’s writings.  First she had students complete an assignment called Fan Fiction in which they used a Google Doc to create their own versions of a story they read in class.  Students then submitted links to these documents in Google Classroom.  The assignment is shown below.

Untitled image

I love that students had to submit the link to their own document before seeing the links of their fellow classmates.

Untitled image (1)

The student can then see their own answer with student replies on one tab.  The other tab takes them to their classmates’ submissions.  They can then look at the replies to their own and other students’ submissions.

Untitled image (3)

Peer Feedback has many advantages for Ashley’s students.  The students can develop their ability to provide constructive feedback and are provided advice as they edit their drafts.  This method also gives students a larger audience for their work than a single teacher.  As students provide feedback, the writer can see different opinions and point of views.
Using Google Classroom for this activity let’s Ashley’s students share their work without making it completely public online.  This is a great way to simulate a blogging type activity while keeping students safe within the GAFE district domain.  Thanks for sharing Ashley!

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