Check out the New Google Forms Quiz Feature!

The Google Forms Quiz feature is making life a little easier for some middle school math teachers.  They are combining the pencil/paper method of showing work with technology for instant feedback.  The new Quiz feature in Google Forms makes this super easy!


First, create your quiz as usual.  Reynolds Middle School 8th grade math teachers chose to use Examview to create 4 separate forms of their quiz.  Then, to make life a little easier with all those pesky math symbols, they created an answer document using Forms. (Note: The Quiz feature will only grade multiple choice, drop down and check box type questions.)

Once the form is created, use the Setting gear icon to turn on the Quiz feature.


Go back to your questions and click on Answer Key on the bottom left.   screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-9-20-53-am


Then, you can select the correct answer, add point values and give answer feedback

When you are done building your form, make sure your settings catch the email address of your students so that you can see their scores (or have the first question be to enter their name or do both).  Also, decide whether you want students to see their scores, see missed questions or answer key.  (Remember if you have multiple class periods and show correct answers, they can share with later class periods.)


When students submit their answers, they will see the option to see their results.screen-shot-2016-08-29-at-11-10-21-am


If you do not let them see correct answers but let them see missed questions right away, here is what they will see:

In the responses tab of the form, you will see a great summary of scores for all your students as well as individual scores that can be transferred to your gradebook.  If you didn’t release scores after they submit, you can do that here as well by clicking on Release Scores.

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-9-41-56-am      screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-9-42-52-am

You will also get a summary of responses for each question!


Here are more great resources to help you get started with Google Forms Quizzes.

Create a Quiz for Google Forms by Google Support

New Google Forms Quiz Feature vs Flubaroo by Eric Curts – Control Alt Achieve

Google Forms: Turn on Quiz Features by Alice Keeler


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