Learning with Google Expeditions AR

If you think Google Expeditions VR is great just wait until you experience AR!  Prosper ISD has the great privilege of being a part of the Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program.  Carlos, our awesome Google Expeditions Associate, is traveling to all Prosper ISD campuses to share this experience with our students and teachers.  Expedition Volcano

While VR makes it possible to take your students on virtual field trips, AR brings 3-D objects to life in the classroom.  Students can analyze the objects that they’ve only seen in textbooks or on their devices’ screens. AR makes it possible for teachers to open up the walls of their classroom and bring the real world in.  Google Expeditions does not replace great teaching, but it can enhance it!   (Volcano pictured to the right)

Imagine your students being able to actually walk around the moon as they observe the different phases instead of simply looking at them in a 2-D image.  What if students could observe a powerful volcanic eruption from every angle or study the intricate parts of a cell from the inside?

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 1.18.52 PMListening to the depth of student and teacher discussions surrounding the different Expeditions has been an awesome experience this week!  I think my favorite moment happened during a “Phases of the Moon” Expedition. An elementary science teacher asked students to walk around the moon until they found a crescent.  Students on opposite sides of the moon claimed to have found it. This started a great discussion on the difference between a waning and waxing crescent. No doubt, this experience helped those students truly learn how and why the phases of the moon actually occur instead of simply having to memorize it. 

Find out more by going to https://edu.google.com/expeditions/ar/

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