Gamification in Science

If the question, “Do you use gamification in your classroom?” had come up before this week’s readings and videos, I would have answered no. Now I realize that I do incorporate it into my classroom on a limited basis. Using games to teach important content knowledge while teaching technology and problem solving skills is becoming... Continue Reading →

The Flipped Classroom

I have spent the last few years researching, attending conferences and talking with teachers in order to learn more about the flipped classroom. Last year, I incorporated aspects of the flipped classroom into my 6th grade science classroom. The thing I love most about the flipped classroom is that there is more than one way... Continue Reading →

The Dream of 1:1

MY DISTRICT I have spent the last several years in a large district helping to implement new technology and providing staff development while teaching science. I switched districts this year and am currently teaching middle school science in a small north Texas school district which encompasses a large amount of land, most of which is... Continue Reading →

The Filter Debate

When it comes to filtering the internet in schools, safety versus accessibility seems to be the center of the debate.   How do we keep our kids safe while giving them access to learn important 21st Century technology skills? As I searched for my district’s filtering policy, I realized it was not easy to find. While... Continue Reading →

Content Curation and Aggregation

As I was reading about content creation and aggregation this week, I picked two websites to explore from the article, 55 Content Curation Tools To Discover & Share Digital Content. At first, I was confused between content curation and content aggregation.  The understanding that I have of the two based on Content Curation Vs Content... Continue Reading →

Following Trends in EdTech

I am Michelle Phillips and have been teaching in north Texas for 11 years.  Most of my teaching experience has been with 4th through 7th grade science.  I have a B.S in Elementary Education and will adding a M.S in Instructional Media in May, Sustaining Digital Literacy (EDIM 516) is my last class before graduation. ... Continue Reading →

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